Friday, April 9, 2010

Paul Pot Open Mic Flyer Show at Lanesplitter in Berkeley

Thanks to everybody who came out to see over 170 original cartoon drawings by musician and artist Paul Pot, promoting the over 5 year run of his Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic in Berkeley and sent weekly to hundreds on his email list or printed as flyers to be thrust into the hands of people on the street, that are on view at Lanesplitter Pizza for the month of April. Pot shots taken at Michael Jackson, religion, baseball, turkeys, politicians, sex, horror movies, making fun of banjos, the world around us, and of course, the music and the people who play it.

Boy that's a mouthful. The opening was on April 6th, but the show is up for all of April (it comes down right before Joe Rut does his show at the Great American Music Hall on April 30th) and Paul Pot will be at Lanesplitter every Tuesday in April, from 7 to 9 pm, if you want to gab.

Joe Rut, Gail, Martha, and Rawbird at the opening. Photos by Clammity Jen

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