Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wow, finally started the blog. I'll start with the announcement that all the tunes from "I'm All Steamed Up, Baby", the debut CD from the Happy Clams, can be bought, one at a time, as digital downloads from the following dispensaries:


I have no idea what those last three are, but then again, I still buy vinyl and CDs at, of all places, the store. Speaking of the store, there is a used copy of "I'm All Steamed Up, Baby" at Amoeba in Berkeley going for the shocking price of $7.98! Why if I didn't already have another 900 copies I might be interested in that bargain!

(I wonder whose free copy ended up there?)

Anyway the CD itself is still availabe at Force of Habit Records, both bay area Amoeba locations, and at CD baby.