Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lotsa Fun at Chesters

Thanks to all who came out to my birthday show at Chesters with Dan Lange. Those who came were treated to two fine versions of "In the Pines"-Happy Clam style, fronted by Gail, and a haunting rendition from Dan Lange. Some real happy birthday music for sure.
<-- Big Dan
The Old Speed Limit here would like to send out a special thanks to baker extroadinaire, Sweet Petit Baking and Confections ( for the wonderfully clammy birthday cake. I don't know what I did to deserve it because Paul has been a very bad boy. Just ask anyone there about the song selection.
A big"Happy Birthday" to two of our favorite gals, Clammity Jen (right) and Marianne (left).
If any of you are on Second Life (lord knows I only have time for my first), you can hear Dan sing the blues at one of those virtual blues clubs.