Friday, April 9, 2010

Who pulled the strings at the Festival of the Puppets?

On Sunday, March 28th, the Happy Clams played the Festival of the Puppets at the Stork Club. Also on the bill were Bunny Numpkins & the Kill Blow-Up Reaction, The Clarences, Lance Burden, Trip to Dover (from the UK), the Fightin' Tinnitans, the Bottle Choir, and a performance by Stove that still defies description. Did it turn into the promised puppet orgy? No, not really. In fact, a few puppets, drinking Blue Hawaiians* at the bar, were heard to complain that they were disappointed that not enough of their friends bothered to show. I guess puppets gotta go to work in the morning like most other folks.

Still the Happy Clams were joined by Happy Clem (seen here in the puppet shop pointing out that his foot is still unfinished), who danced the night away and heckled Paul Pot at every turn. Andy DeGiovanni (Extra Action Marching Band, and a real cool mariachi band) guested on trumpet and trombone. The Happy Clams played four new songs: Late Again, Shy (both originals), Porter Wagoner's Rubber Room, and they finished the set, being joined by angels Allene Rohrer (Thread) and Melanie DeGiovanni (Yard Sale, Buckets, Catheads, and that real cool mariachi band), for a final rendition of the Sparks song, The Number One Song in Heaven.

Hopefully, we will have some pics from the show.

* Make a note. Serve Blue Hawaiians if you want lots of puppets at your next party.

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