Friday, October 14, 2016

Really looking forward to playing the Murder Ballads Bash this year. Me, Rawbird, and Gail will be playing as the Wheel of Fortune Studio Orchestra.  We will be joined by Melanie De Giovanni (of Yard Sale and the It Thing.) on accordian and vocals and by Madelyn Covey on ukulele and vocals.  We plan to do 4 songs, if we can fit them into 15 minutes. Two are covers. Number 1 Song in Heaven by Sparks is about the song you will hear when you are dead. Mother's Dead is a version of Blind Willie Johnson's Motherless Children by way of Hezakiah Early and Elmo Williams from their album It Takes One to Know One on Fat Possum Records. The first original will be Fugitive Red, which I royally messed up on last year and the band wants a do-over. the song is about a woman who kills her abusive husband. You think things might work out for her, but they don't. The other new one is called The Drop. It's about a festive day in the west because a man is about to be hung.

Check out the Murder Ballads Website to get all the details.

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