Thursday, November 3, 2011

In a Murderous Light

Another night of murder, death, depair, and a good time was had by all at the Starry Plough for the10th annual Murder Ballads Bash. The Happy Clams really enjoyed being on the bill with Karry Walker, the Rude Mechanicals (Shakespeare inspired), Misisipi Mike Wolf (yes, it's spelled correctly), She Mob, Laura Jean, Loretta Lynch, Joel Murach, Harlan Hollander, the Minutemaids, Cooter (wow!), and MC Madam Foolya. We played our new songs I Saw Him Kill Jesus and one about the second woman executed by lethal injection in Texas, Betty Lou Beets. We also did our version of Elmo Williams and Hezikiah Early's Mothers Dead, a song loosly based on the classic Motherless Children.

This event was special as it marked Val Esway's last year putting the show together. I will be taking over next year. Thanks for a great 10 years of murder, Val. You'regonna be a hard act to follow. I'll try my best (or worst if that is more fitting the occasion.)

Pictures of Val and Laura, the Happy Clams, and the costume parade taken by Michael Zelner. See his flicker page for the event at for more photos!

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