Saturday, November 7, 2009

Murder Ballads was killer fun!

The Murder Ballads Bash on Halloween was just about the best one yet! We had so much fun playing our song "Death Becomes You" and our version of Wild Man Fisher's serial killer spectacular, "Jennifer Jones", where I killed Gail in the middle of the song. In it's 8th year, this show has become a Starry Plough classic that should not be missed next year. Incredible performances by Penelope Houston and the Birdboys, Luther Monday and the Magic Hammer, Loretta Lynch, The Bodice Rippers, the list goes on.

Folks were really decked out for the evening, like.......................

A shot of Penelope and the Birdboys (thanks Steve).....

And our hostess Val with her contagious smile..

To see more pictures of the show by Michael Zelner, just click here

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